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Everything You Need to Know about Hemochromatosis diet

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Hemochromatosis diet - Are you feeling general weakness, joint pain, fatigue, weight loss, and stomach pain lately? Is so, you might need to visit your doctor because there is a chance that you are developing hemochromatosis disease. Hemochromatosis disease is a hereditary condition where your body tends to absorb too much iron substances from the foods you consume. It can lead to an iron build up in your pancreas, heart, and liver. This can cause a damage in your organ because excess iron buildup can be poisonous for your body. It is a serious condition that needed to be treated right away with a proper and well-balanced diet. However, in most cases, such symptom will not occur during the early ages. It will only occur in middle age.

Everything You Need to Know about Hemochromatosis diet

Complication that may occur in hemochromatosis disease

Since it is a serious condition caused by genetic defect, the medical condition will lead to another more serious illness. Liver disease is the number one on the list. This is due to the role of the liver that secretes any dangerous substance in your body, such as excess vitamins, iron, alcohol, or any other toxic substance. Some people who suffer from such condition even experience a great pain due to liver failure, an enlarged liver, or even liver cancer. The heart would also be significantly affected by this medical condition. It can lead to heart failure and arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats. Moreover, one of the symptoms of joint pain is caused by the damage that excess iron will make in your joint, where it can lead to arthritis. Other complication includes erectile dysfunction, the absence of menstrual cycle, changing the color of your skin into looking bronze or gray, and damage to adrenal glands. In some severe cases, it can lead the patients to have early menopause or shrinkage of the testicles in men.

How to prevent such complication from hemochromatosis disease?

Low iron diet for hemochromatosis is the perfect solution to avoid further complication. The first and foremost basic thing to avoid is iron supplements, as well as any vitamin C that contains iron. The last thing you need is to add iron substance in your diet. You should avoid taking any vitamin C supplements because the vitamin helps you to increase iron absorption in your body. However, you still need vitamin c in moderate amount. So, make sure you eat enough healthy foods such as whole vegetables and fruits into your diet. Hemochromatosis diet also includes less raw seafood and alcohol intake. The raw seafood may contain some bacteria that will create a bigger infection for your body since your liver is working so hard to dispose of any harmful substances. This also applies to alcohol intake. Alcohol will damage your liver, and you should avoid it because your liver is struggling not to tear itself from the excess iron in your system. However, it is recommended that you drink coffee and tea with your meal because both bottles will allow you to absorb less iron.

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