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Steak and Eggs Diet for Slimmer and Healthier Body

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What will mostly come up in your mind when you think about steak and eggs diet? The two LDL and saturated fat-laden meals will definitely ruin your body, right? You may be right on this point, but remember that meat and eggs are also rich in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and choline, among other beneficial nutrients. All of those substances are considered essential building blocks for the body as a whole and for many vital organs that it has.

Besides, if the diet is managed properly, the harmful effects of bad cholesterol and saturated fat that both meals contain can be suppressed effectively. Reinforcements provided by additional ingredients, especially vegetables and fruits, will further enhance the health benefits of this diet. If you are currently struggling with your bland and unattractive diet and desperately fighting against losing hope and giving up, why don’t you try this new mouth-watering and health enhancing diet?

Steak and Eggs Diet Recipes

There are hundreds of great recipes that you can try if you want to try to use steak and eggs diet to improve your health and physical appeal. Even without side meals and additional ingredients, both steak and eggs are already tasty. Therefore, when you are thinking about steak and eggs diet recipes, you don’t actually think about complicated thing. If you are lazy, you can simply prepare roasted meat and fry an egg and then eat them straight.

Steak and Eggs Diet for Slimmer and Healthier Body
If you prefer to be more creative, there are several great recipes that you can try. Examples include deviled eggs, which you make by boiling the eggs, cooling and peeling them, cutting them in half, and putting a garnish consisting of mashed egg’s yolk, mayonnaise, kosher salt, and green tabasco on each half; and buffalo omelet consisting of eggs, water and butter for the omelet and a mixture of cream cheese, blue cheese and hot sauce for the filling.

Steak and Eggs Diet Meal Plan

Steak and Eggs Diet for Slimmer and Healthier Body

Steak and eggs diet meal plan is actually not as complicated as you may think. Many people consider this diet program the fastest, the easiest and the most delicious diet program to follow because it doesn’t require them to calculate calorie intake, to measure food to consume, to memorize complicated recipes, and—the most important of all—to eat bland and tasteless food.

Do you still have to worry of bad cholesterol and saturated fat? Maybe, but those two substances become harmful only if there is a large level of carbohydrate in your body. If you significantly lower or even eliminate carb from your diet, your body will rigorously burn fat and eliminate cholesterol to gain energy. So the key of this diet plan is that you should avoid carb as much as possible. The following is a good example of diet plan with pattern that you can easily follow.

Coffee or tea (with sugar-free sweetener if desired)
3 eggs, fried or scrambled with butter
1 string cheese

Egg salad
Cheddar cheese
1 string cheese

Classic buffalo wings

Steak and Eggs Diet for Body Building

This diet plan is great for body building because when you do it, you practically supply your body with a large amount of protein, which is an essential building block for your muscle. The more you consume protein, the more energy your muscle will get and the faster it will grow. Steak and eggs diet body building program is quite common among bodybuilders who want to boost their muscle mass and power greatly due to the massive protein intake that this diet program offers.

Steak and Eggs Diet for Slimmer and Healthier Body

This diet program indeed includes the consumption of fat and cholesterol; however, as mentioned above, because fat and cholesterol are eliminated at a faster rate from the body when the diet program is low in or free from carbs, those supposedly harmful substances will not cause too much harm. With proper planning, the diet program will offer many benefits to your body building program and cause much less harm to your body.

Steak and Eggs Diet Side Effects

Every diet plan has side effects. The question is, which diet plan offers the most benefits and involves the fewest side effects? We will talk about the bad news first. There are several steak and eggs diet side effects that you should be familiar with. To start with, if you are simply like most people who live on earth, your body must have been accustomed to gaining energy mainly from carbs. When you start to adopt this plan, you have to force your body to switch to protein and fat as its main fuels.

Steak and Eggs Diet for Slimmer and Healthier Body

This switch will cause a metabolic disturbance to your body that is called ketosis, a condition marked with overproduction of ketones due to massive increase of fat burning rate. When there is low to no carb available in your body, your body has to burn fat faster in order to generate necessary energy.

Ketosis side effects may include constant trembling, anxiety and dizziness. Normally, ketosis is considered a disease and treated using glucose injection. If you follow this diet plan, no glucose will be injected to your body, so you basically have to get through the discomfort. Fortunately, ketosis doesn’t last very long and once your body is accustomed to using fat and protein as its fuel, this condition will gradually wane.

Steak and Eggs Diet Results

When you think about steak and eggs diet results, you actually think about why this diet plan works. You get the results because it does work. There are several reasons why this diet plan will give you tangible results. First, as mentioned above, it is a ketogenic diet plan. If you follow this, you have to increase your consumption of protein to make up the lack of carbs. Increased protein intake will not only boost muscle growth and power, but also increase the fat burning rate.

Steak and Eggs Diet for Slimmer and Healthier Body

So with this diet plan, you can enjoy the benefits of muscle growth and fat loss at the same time. Second, this diet plan is fat-rich. You may hate fat, but healthy fat, such as Omega-6 acids, are actually essential for your body. Besides, steak is actually rich in monounsaturated fats, which are considered healthy fats for the body. Finally, this diet plan is testosterone producing. You want to know why testosterone is good for your health? Ask your doctor or bodybuilding instructor.


There is nothing harmful if you follow fat-rich steak and eggs diet plan. The meals are rich in protein, which is essential for your muscle growth and fatless body, and healthy fats that are good for your body. This diet plan can be harmful only if you don’t stop supplying your body with carbs. With low or no carbs available in your body, it will burn your fat and build your muscle at a faster rate. You will indeed experience a discomfort called ketosis, but as your body accustoms itself with your new diet plan, it will wane and finally disappear. Stay firmly with this delicious and comfortable diet plan and your dream to have a perfectly toned muscle, fatless body and perfect health will come true.

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