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Getting to Know Low Iodine Diet

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If you hear the word “diet”, you may think about the nutritious food that you need to eat to help you reducing the weight. Have you ever known about the low iodine diet? This kind of diet is not really familiar since it is aimed for the one who suffers from thyroid cancer. It is one of the treatment of radioactive iodine. This diet reduces the amount of the regular iodine that you eat everyday.

Low Iodine Diet Food List

If you are doing the low iodine diet, you need to know the low iodine diet food list. There are 2 types of food that you need to consider: the allowed food and the forbidden food. First, you need to know the forbidden foods. The first ingredient is iodized salt or sea salt. The second ingredient is sea products, such as nori, and agar-agar. The third food is the egg. The next ingredient is soya bean, but you can still eat soy oil.

Getting to Know Low Iodine Diet
You are also not allowed to eat any food which is made from chocolate. Second, you need to know the allowed foods. The first foods are vegetables and fruits. The second ingredient is nut. The third ingredient is meat. The next ingredients are honey, jelly, and sugar. You can also use vegetable oil. Then, the next ingredient is soda. You can drink the cola, diet cola, coffee.

Low Iodine Diet Recipes

Getting to Know Low Iodine Diet

After you have know the food that you are allowed to eat, you need to know the low iodine diet recipes. You need to make the healthy food which is iodine-free. The first food that you can make is the appetizer. There are 2 foods food appetizers: avocado salsa and chicken. You must cook the chicken without iodine. Next, for the lunch and dinner recipes, you can make Lemon Chicken and Paprika Baked Chicken.

You can also make a food from beef. For you who are vegetarian, you can also make a delicious vegetable salad. Then, for the dishes, you can make latkes and grilled corn. For the dessert, you can make a food from banana, such as fried banana, banana juice, or baked banana.

Low Iodine Diet Side Effects

Getting to Know Low Iodine Diet

If you are doing low iodine diet, you should know the low iodine diet side effect. Even though iodine diet is good for the one who suffers from the thyroid cancer, you need to know that it also contains side effects. One of the effect from low iodine diet is Hypothyroidism. Since this diet requires the one who suffers from the thyroid cancer to avoid eating the food which contains iodine, the body still needs iodine. Hypothyroidism is the condition where the body really needs iodine.

Without iodine, the body cannot produce the thyroid hormones. It is very dangerous because if you lose the thyroid hormones, you will suffers from some symptomes. It can affect all over your body, especially it brings negative effects such as you will lose your weight and you will get muscle aches. The other negative effect is your skin becomes dry and it affects hair.

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