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Getting to Know Banting Diet

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Banting diet may not be familiar to all people. Yet, before getting to know it, let’s take a look at the history. There a lot of ways that people can do to lose weight. One of the ways that people can do is by being on a diet. It has been something that people do for more than two hundred years ago.

One of the diet types is Banting diet. It is named so because it was started by a person named William Banting. He was highly obese that he desperately tried to find a way to lose weight. He met a doctor named William Harvey who helped him set a diet program. Banting lost much weight and wrote his experience. Since then, the term Banting is widely known.

See what is in the Green List

Getting to Know Banting Diet
The main idea about this diet is you have to consume much protein, but you have to reduce the carbohydrate intake at the same time. Therefore, the foods which are in the Banting diet green list foods are the ones which contain low carbohydrate.

The foods include eggs, seafood, and soft cheese. Eggs are rich in protein, so these are recommended for the diet. Seafood, like shrimps and fishes are surely good for your health because it contains high protein and minerals. However, fishes which are likely to contain a lot of mercury such as tuna have to be avoided. Soft cheese is also both delicious and healthy, so you can always eat it.

Check what is in the Red List

Getting to Know Banting Diet

Knowing what is in the Banting diet red list foods is actually quite easy. Whenever you find foods which naturally contain high level of glucose, you have to avoid it. Fruits are high in it so it is much better for you to not drink fruit juice.

You also have to control yourself that you are not tempted to buy processed foods because these surely contain a lot of artificial sweetener and are added with some food dyes. You are also not allowed to eat all kinds of bread. It is because in the process of making the bread, the baker usually adds much sugar. Too much sugar is not good for you since it is not healthy.

Various Meal Plans

Getting to Know Banting Diet

When people are thinking about being on a diet, they are usually afraid of one thing; being not able to eat delicious foods. This is where they are wrong. Being on a diet does not mean that they will have to eat tasteless foods. They can still eat delicious foods, as long as these are the ones which have been approved by the Banting expert.

There are various Banting diet meal plans one of which is bacon and eggs. Bacon and eggs are both delicious. Some slices of tomatoes will make it even the perfect breakfast menu as these are rich in vitamin which your body really needs. In the afternoon, make your lunch rich in protein. Make vegetable salad and add a lot of slices of chicken and cheese. In the evening, you can have grilled fish which is absolutely delicious. Add some spinach so that your nutritional need is fulfilled. The meal plans are low in carbohydrate, but it is still delicious and rich in protein.

A Delicious Chicken Recipe

Chicken is rich in protein and tasty. Who does not love it? It is easy to cook and be cooked in a various ways that you will not get bored of it. For you who are on Banting diet, you can try one of the most preferred Banting diet chicken recipes.

Getting to Know Banting Diet

It is called Chicken A la King. What you have to prepare are four chicken breasts, an onion, a red and a green pepper, and 150 grams of mushrooms. Do not forget to also prepare salt and pepper, butter, and cream. The first thing you have to do is slicing the chicken breasts, the onion, and the green and the red peppers. The second thing to do is heating the butter until it melts and frying the onion afterwards. The third thing is adding the pepper and the mushrooms. Next, add the chicken together with the salt and the pepper. After all of the ingredients are mixed well, add the cream. Let it all simmer and serve it. You only need an hour to make it.

A Tasty Snack Recipe

Getting to Know Banting Diet

Banting also offers various snack recipes. One of the top Banting diet snack ideas is the one using onion. Pick up two large onions and cut them. Then, break two eggs in which you can dip the slices before you later dip them in the coconut flour. Do not forget to add some salt, pepper, and crushed garlic first into the flour. After the onion slices are dipped into the flour, fry them with olive oil for a few minutes.

Remember that you are on a diet, so olive oil is always much better than palm oil. It is because it contains non-saturated fats which are good for your health. Pour just enough of it because it is only for shallow frying. After it is done, put the onion slices on a plate and decorate them using basil leaves. Eat them with some sour cream. Who can resist these crunchy healthy onion rings?

Understand what Side Effects It Brings

It is always good to really understand what your body needs and what a certain type of diet can offer. It is important because these two things have to match so that your body gets what it actually needs. Banting diet side effects have been discussed by several experts. They are worried that this low carbohydrate diet will increase the risk of bone mass decrease. It can also result in breast cancer. People may also be in bad mood all the time because they get tired and weak easily.

Getting to Know Banting Diet

Carbohydrate is an important source of energy. That is why not consuming it means people can lose important nutrients. It will put us in a risk of not being able to do our daily activities well and suffering from certain types of diseases. You may question why it works on some people. It is because the people who go on this diet are usually the ones having diabetes. The Banting diet is perfect to make the blood sugar normal. It also helps the pancreas to function normally again that it produces enough insulin for the body.


If you feel that you are overweight, consult to your doctor first about what you need to do. Let him or her analyze what is wrong with your body before you go on a diet. If you have diabetes, Banting is the right type of diet for you. It has carefully listed foods that you can eat and the ones you may not eat. It also offers various meal and snack plans that you can choose. Get healthy and get your blood sugar lower by going on Banting diet.

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