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Everything You Need to Know about Ana Diet

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Ana Diet or is also called ABC (Ana Boot Camp) Diet is an extreme and pro-anorexia 50 days weight loss program. This low calorie diet becomes so popular after going viral in some internet forums, but it is unknown where this diet is originated or who invented it. People who have tried this diet report that it is effective to help losing weight. However, experts say that this diet is dangerous and can even lead to malnutrition.

Ana Diet Plan

Everything You Need to Know about Ana Diet

In Ana Diet, limiting the calorie that goes into your body is important, but you also must vary the amount of calorie you consume every day.

If you suddenly stop eating, your body will go into starvation mode which basically makes you even hungrier. But when the number of calorie is varied, it is believed that your body will be tricked to not go into starvation mode. That’s why, you can feast up to 800 calorie in one day, but have to go with no calorie at all in other days. Here is the complete Ana Diet plan calorie list to help you.

Everything You Need to Know about Ana Diet

Ana Diet Tips

Ana Diet is definitely not easy and you need a very strong will to keep going for 50 days. To help you sticking to your diet, here are some effective Ana Diet tips that you can try.

Everything You Need to Know about Ana Diet
  • Instead of eating one big portion, it is best to divide into three or four smaller portion that you can eat in different times of the day.
  • Get enough sleep. Beauty sleep will help gaining energy, increasing metabolism, and the most important, you don’t chew when you are sleeping.
  • Drink a lot. Before you start eating, drink a glass of water first and drink again in between bites. It will help you feel fuller faster so you can eat less.
  • Buy clothes one or two size smaller than your size. Wear it and see yourself in the mirror. Convince yourself that you want to look pretty in those clothes one day.
Ana Diet Result

One thing that you need to remember before deciding to pull through with this diet is the fact that it can be dangerous for your health, especially if you are already anorexic to begin with. Will it get you the skinny body you have always dreamed of? With such an aggressive method, the answer is of course yes. Ana diet result can be very dramatic since you basically starve yourself for almost two months.

Everything You Need to Know about Ana Diet

If you have understood all the risks and want to try this diet, make sure the food you eat is healthy so the calorie you eat will be worth it and enough to energize you. Working out is still important, but stick with light exercise since Ana Diet definitely will make you feel weaker.

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