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Things You Should Prepare before Doing Colonoscopy Prep Diet

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Colonoscopy is the best treatment for those who are suffered from cancer around colon or rectum. Before that, it is a must for you to do colonoscopy prep diet. The purpose of doing this diet is to clean your fecal, colon and rectum. The idea of Colonoscopy prep diet is eating with specific period of time. Let’s learn more about the diet menu and tips to do this diet well until you pass your colonoscopy treatment.

Colonoscopy Prep Diet Menu

Things You Should Prepare before Doing Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Besides eating based on the specific period of time, you also need to consider about the colonoscopy prep diet menu. For the earlier phase, you should eat something light. Those are including clear soup, egg, skinless potatoes, steamed white fish, cheese, or skinless chicken.

You can eat those light menus around 4 days before taking the colonoscopy treatment. The colonoscopy prep diet phase is continued by eating light breakfast a day before the colonoscopy treatment. While eating light foods, it is also a must for you to drink fresh water and also fruit juice. It is okay to eat something contains liquid such as light soup broth made of chicken, fish, and vegetable. What you need to notice is that you are not allowed to eat or drink something contain of red dye.

Colonoscopy Prep Diet Day Before

It is stated above that you also have to take colonoscopy prep diet day before the colonoscopy treatment. So, what do you have to do a day before the main treatment? Here is the colonoscopy prep diet a day before. Basically, you have to do the same in which eating light breakfast. For example, you can start your day with a toast and eggs. The different is in the time after eating light breakfast.

Things You Should Prepare before Doing Colonoscopy Prep Diet

In this phase, you can continue by doing liquid colonoscopy prep diet. You have to drink fresh water. To meet the nutrition and vitamin, you also need to drink strained fruit juices. Clean soup broth is also a good food to eat while doing colonoscopy prep diet a day before. Let the doctor guides you about the menu you should take so the colonoscopy treatment will be successful. A night before the treatment, you are also asked to take laxative or enema. The function is the same in which to make sure that the rectum and colon are clear from residue.

Colonoscopy Prep Diet Tips

Things You Should Prepare before Doing Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Before doing colonoscopy prep diet, it is better for you to consider several things. Let say, because you have to take prescribed medicine for colonoscopy treatment, you have to inform the doctor about the medicine you consume. You also need to inform your doctor about what type of diet you take before. In short, health history report is very important before doing the colonoscopy prep diet. It is not allowed for you to consume red dye gelatin desserts, red fruit juices, and red soft drinks. Food contains of red dye can increase your blood and it blocks the important information in colonoscopy treatment.

Hopefully, you can do the colonoscopy prep diet well by following the colonoscopy prep diet tips above. You have to follow what the doctor says to you for better treatment. The most important thing is that you can get your health back and do your normal activity just like before.

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